Monthly Favorites | May 2018

May has come and gone. Seriously it feels like I was just writing last month's and it was the beginning of May. If I'm being completely honest, it felt like Easter was just here. So how is it that June is fast approaching? 

With the warmer weather, there's quite a few new fashion favorites this month! 
Starting off with my Divided Flatforms from H&M. It is so funny that a year ago, I had seen the original version of these shoes by Stella McCartney, and was a little confused. A little confused as to why someone would wear them. Which of course brings me back quite a few years before when I felt the same about Doc Martens. But alas, here we are! And I absolutely love these shoes. They are incredibly easy to walk in, they go with anything and they look killer. 

I'm sure the second item on my list will comes as no surprise, my boyfriend jeans from Levi's. They have become like a second skin on my days off or Saturdays at work. I love how they are so loose, definitely a different feel to my standard go-to skinny jeans. I love that they have a little bit distressing, but not too much. They have a little bit of an edge. For sure something that should become a staple in everyone's closet.

The Bag of Dreams. Yep, I'm sure this comes as a REAL surprise. And while this hasn't been in my wardrobe for a long time, I am in absolute love. Want to hear more of me gushing on this bag? Check out my post from last week!

It's official. I have a new pair of sunglasses for the Summer season. I have fallen completely in love with my aviators from Unicorn Eyewear. Aviators have been one of my favorite styles of sunglasses since I was in seventh grade and I watched Top Gun for the first time. And since then, off and on, I have owned a few different classic pairs. This pair combines the classic shape and style while still having the color of the season, blush. Ahem, rose quartz.

And of course, now it's time for the non-fashion favorites of the month. Aveda's Chakra 2 mist. It has become my staple for the past few month's before I go to bed. The notes in this are: Sandalwood, Orange and Geranium. What a surprise, Sandalwood! It totally mellows me out, and gets me in the right mindset to fall asleep. I highly recommend getting one!

Next up! The Optimist Shop's Rain Water body butter. As you know, I have fallen in love with this! The scent is incredible, and it is amazingly hydrating! Definitely check them out!
The final item, well items, on my list? A new series. Dead Drive. This is an incredibly hilarious series about the zombie apocalypse. It's got a little bit of everything and a little bit for everyone! Humor, zombies, a little bit of gore, adventure and a sweet romance. One hundred percent, you need to read this series!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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