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I know, I know. It wasn't that long ago that I telling you that I was content with my wardrobe hence me not adding too much to it. And that remains true. However there are three categories I cannot help but expand in my wardrobe. Hoodies. Band tees.  Fragrance. And this cheeky little shopping trip includes three of the three categories! Sometimes you gotta step out of the plan of what you went in shopping for, because you might find something amazing.

First stop! Rue 21. I honestly haven't been in this store in ages. I believe the last time was on Mother's Day probably two years ago with my sister. And back then I scored some awesome finds. It wasn't my intention to stop in, however my gut was saying just go in. And why would I tell my gut "no" when we're shopping? That's just silly. 
Well, per usual, my gut was right. I ended up finding these AMAZING hoodies! Not only are they great colors and incredibly soft, they were an even better price. I was ready to cash out when apparently they were being marked down! I know, I couldn't believe my luck either. They were originally $24.99, a little steep for a hoodie from there, however I must reiterate the softness and cuteness. Then they were marked down to $7.50! Well, I couldn't get JUST the one now could I? 

While I was there, I found the cutest pop socket (been looking for one I liked for ages), and as I was cashing out I found new fragrances. As this is a category I am newly in love with, I couldn't help but check them out. They were all floral scents, rose, lavender, lily, and daisy. Of course with my little pups name being Daisy, how could I not smell it? That would just be bad parenting. So I did. And fell in LOVE. It is light, sweet but also has enough fragrance that lasts all day. And at $9.99, it was a steal!
Next up, Coach! I must tell you, I love their sales. When you score, you score BIG. You wouldn't anticipate these two items to be terribly expensive originally, a sticker and a purse accessory. However for my budget, a $18 sticker and a $60, it's a little steep. With their sales though? It's completely manageable! I was able to snag these two items for under $29. For two items I've had my eye on for a while, it's well worth it.

And finally, category number three! These two gems didn't come from the Tanger Outlets, however I wanted to give them an honorable mention because they are a category I love expanding and they are also new into my wardrobe. Two bands I absolutely adore are ACDC and Def Leppard. I mean literally anything from Back in Black or Hysteria are just genius. And that's just scratching the surface of these two iconic bands. So when I saw both of these in a monochrome tee backing, I couldn't leave them there. Of course they now are incredibly happy in their new home; my t-shirt drawer.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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