New In Wardrobe | May 2018

Just a little insight into what I've been purchasing lately! Like I said in my latest Mail Call post, there isn't a ton that I have been bringing into my wardrobe because I'm extremely content. However, sometimes it is fun to bring a few little pieces in that I've been gravitating towards for quite a while. 
The striped tees should come as no surprise! And the 501 Levi's jeans I sized up to get the perfect loose fitting of a classic "boyfriend" style jean. I styled in the changing room with my favorite accessories I was already wearing and fell in love with the look. 

And last but no means least, the Kate Spade wallet. I have had my eye on a wallet from them for quite a while. However never was able to find the right color, style or price point for myself til I stumbled upon this one at TJMaxx recently, and I feel like such a grown up! Like my black pebbled leather Michael Kors bag, I feel like this wallet will last me truly for the rest of my life. There is something to be said for black leather items made by high end brands. Quality over quantity for classic items.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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