Style Inspo | Mother's Day

Happy almost Mother's Day to all of you lovely ladies out there! If it wasn't for this incredible woman here, I wouldn't be here. And I'm not just talking about my physical existence, I'm talking the person that styles herself the way she does.
My Mom has been and will always be my original style icon. In fashion and beauty, she always had it down pat, no matter what. She never left the house without being put together, not even bringing us to school in the mornings. Her nails were always done, outfit was put together just so, make-up was done just right and a hair was never out of place. Mainly because the woman loves herself some extreme hold hairspray. 
She is the reason I make that extra effort before I present myself to the world. Because it's not anything to do with what people think of me, but more so how it makes me feel. She is the reason I have confidence in myself to experiment and play with style, and always taught me to be true to myself. She is the reason I love nail polish, even though our collections are completely different. And she is also the reason I love to play with make-up, and can't resist adding one more lip color to my ever-growing similar collection. 
She is the reason my tights never have a run or why I dress up a little more going to the doctor's, she is the reason I am here. In all manners of the word. I love you, Mom. Forever your baby girl and sunshine. I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around your neck.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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