Haul and Review | Wet n' Wild

I've been following Wet n' Wild for many years now, and I'm incredibly impressed with how they have progressed. I have also been following their Instagram page as well as Jeffree Star's reviews of new products. And with their products constantly evolving, I couldn't wait to try the new pieces!

Eyes. First up, Lash Renegade mascara in Avenging Amethyst. This gets 3 stars from me. The color is fantastic as far as colored mascara goes, and I do really enjoy it on my bottom eyelashes. However, I'm not a huge fan of it on my top lashes. I do like the wand however the formula is a flop for me. It wasn't really thickening and not a ton of length without A LOT of work.
Next up, the eye shadow palette, Not a Basic Peach. First off, the color scheme is absolutely beautiful and perfect for Summertime. I was very interested to play with these and see how the formula worked! I must say, the mattes have a pretty good formula and fairly decent blending power, however the metallics and shimmers were lackluster. They were not each to blend, didn't have pigment or staying power. The mattes get a 3.5 while the shimmer and metallics get a 1. 

Cheeks. I decided to try a new blush color and a highlight! Apri-Cot in the Middle blush and Boozy Brunch highlight. They both looked so bright and cheerful online, which the highlight definitely is; however the blush is more muted in person. On the skin, for someone who is fair, it did come out okay. Not too dark and not too light, just not terribly bright. However, it is incredibly pigmented. 3.5 stars. It's okay, however it's not my favorite I have tried. 
This highlight is a gorgeous gold metallic. It is a great highlighter on the bridge of my nose and a brow bone highlight however as a cheek highlight, it's way darker. It gives a great glow, however on my cheekbones, it immediately becomes so dark. Not entirely sure why! However on the rest of my face, I really like it. 4 stars.

Lips! This lip scrub gets 5 stars! The smell reminds me EXACTLY of Lipsmacker's Watermelon chapstick that I grew up with. It was always my favorite, and it still is! Plus it is a great raw sugar formula and does a perfect job getting liquid lipstick off!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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