June Bug | Kylie Cosmetics Review

Left to right: Dirty Peach lip kit. Pearl concealer. June Bug lip kit.

Alright, alright, alright. Ten points to Ravenclaw if you get the reference. Another ten if you get that one. I have been wanting to see if the hype behind Kylie Cosmetics is really worth it. Not going to lie, I'm a closet Keeping Up fan. Meaning I don't advertise it, however if you bring it up, I will talk your ear off with all of my thoughts and questions about the clan. I'm an OG watcher since my freshman year of high school when it came out. Anyhow, moving on! I follow Kylie on Instagram (I mean, who doesn't?), and she posted about a buy one get one free sale on her lipkits. So naturally, this was my chance.

So of course when I saw this gorgeous purple shade with the amazing name, June Bug, I went bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. All the pop culture references today. Aren't you lucky? Being a lover of purple lipstick, I just cannot resist trying to find an amazing purple lip color. I have found it is one of the hardest colors to be done properly. And of course with a name like June Bug, and being a June baby, I couldn't not get it. Well the hype for these lip kits did not disappoint. The lip liner itself is a killer product, great coverage, doesn't tug or pull when applying it, AND could be worn by itself. The liquid lipstick is where I really fell in love. They have a great sweet scent, while not being overly sweet, truly a fine line with beauty products I find. Surprisingly, I didn't find the formula overly drying, especially with adding a little touch up towards the end of the work day; the layering of the product didn't make my lips crack. The color is amazing and consistent. 5 stars no question.

Next up, Dirty Peach! I fell in love with this shade when I saw Lily Melrose wear it in her videos, and wondered whether or not it would look okay on me or if it would be to warm of a nude. Any of my cool undertone fair ladies will understand the struggle. It sounds a little crazy, however it is incredibly hard to find a nude lip color that doesn't make your skin, or even worse, your teeth look yellow. This shade definitely looks darker on my skin tone since I am fair, however I love it! The lasting power for this shade is amazing.

Last but by no means least on my mini haul, the concealer. I have been anxious to try this since it has come out, and currently I'm on a concealer kick. This bad boy is meant to be a lightweight formula that provides a buildable medium coverage. I would say that is a very accurate description. It is definitely buildable, and doesn't get cakey when you do layer, if you have a stubborn spot or dark circles you're looking to cover. Also it blends great with your skin and doesn't look like you see exactly where the concealer is. Something that is hard to find in all concealers. Definite win.
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