Style Inspo | Father's Day

I'm sure my Mom is seeing this title and going Huh? Because if I'm being a 100% honest, my Dad isn't the most stylish fella in the world. However. He has influenced a lot of my style, probably more than he realizes. 

We share a lot of similar interests, always have, always will. Some of those being The Three Stooges, MASH and our taste in music. He's the reason I enjoy that silly and stupid slapstick comedy. The reason I now appreciate Lowe's as an adult, (that one shocks me. A LOT). The reason I love plaid flannels. The reason why I pay attention to  the intros of songs, because you never know when you're going to be quizzed. The reason I love to fish. He's the reason I always have music on. The reason why the first sip of Coke brings me back to my childhood. The reason I love rock music, especially Queen, and always have it on in the background. I know what you're thinking. He sounds like quite the guy. And you would be right, he is.

Sunnies: Wal-Mart |
Tee: Queen, via Old Navy |
Shorts: Levi's |
Flannel: Kohl's |
Sneakers: Converse
I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day! Love always, your Snuggles.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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