The Evil Queen

I'm sure many of you wonder about the name Magic Mirror on the Purple Wall. Well, there's a pretty easy explanation. For some of you out there, you'll understand the not so subtle nod to my favorite Disney Villain. Ah yes, The Evil Queen, Queen Grimhilde. And contrary to popular belief, it is in fact "Magic Mirror" not "Mirror Mirror".
While she may seem like this terrible person, sending the huntsman off to kill Snow White. But hey, ya know, she just wanted to be 'Fairest of them All', can you blame her? While she can be incredibly.. Intimidating and scary. She also is pretty awesome, and is the original strong alpha female. She's got these killer features, dark raven hair and electric green eyes, not to mention her killer home decor style. I mean the throne and the mirror? They're pretty awesome. I just was always so fascinated by her as a kid. This strong female lead who didn't take crap from anyone, was incredibly smart and beautiful to boot. 
So, of course, with my daily outfit pictures, being in a mirror and being against a purple backing. It only made sense. Perfect sense.
Now, here we are, Magic Mirror on the Purple Wall.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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