Unboxing Chanel Beauty

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that Chanel is the most iconic and incredible design houses that there are. Other than a few books and a fragrance, I don't anything from them. However at some point down the road, I will. 

Can we just talk about how incredible their packaging is? The box, the little bag of free samples and the little boxes holding polish and lipstick. I love the monochrome look with the cute wax seal inspired sticker. Just nothing beats opening a package like this!
When I looked online, I knew I wanted to get a nail polish and a lipstick from them. Up first was nail polish! I saw this color and fell madly in love! It is my favorite color and little did I know it was Limited Edition which makes it extra special! Next up was to find a new lip color! I have seen so many people talk about various shades, and I've been interested in finding a new color for Summer and a lighter formula. This shade is a light purple with a sheer hydrating formula, it's great on its own or layered over a matte lipstick. Plus it's number is 93, also the year I was born.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara |
Le Vernis Vert No. 19- Limited Edition |
Rouge Coco Shine 93 Intime |
Beaute des Clis Mascara

Thanks for reading!! 
Leah xx


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