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If you haven't discovered this yet, I am a bit of a Disney fan. And when I say Disney fan, I'm talking die hard. Just a little less Bruce Willis. Our house is filled with subtle touches and rooms inspired by rides; and lucky enough for me, my husband loves Disney as much as me!
We are quickly approaching our third trip, which is just incredible. We are very much savers, and don't do too much else during the year; with the occasional movie or dinner out. Disney is our thing, and for us it is completely worth it. The exciting part about this upcoming trip? We are going to California! That's right ladies and gents (assuming there is at least one gent out there, somewhere that is reading this) we will be going to Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios, too! 
We are now in double digits, and the final countdown is officially on. Cue Europe. 
I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone reading this, mainly because this blog is based around fashion, style and beauty. I have been planning my outfits for this upcoming trip for ages. You don't actually want to even know for how long, because it's been THAT long. And of course since it has been almost two years since our last trip, I have acquired *ahem* a few new pieces to my Disney wardrobe. 

Oh yeah, I went there. A Disney wardrobe. We're not talking costumes nor are we talking a full walk-in closet of Disney only clothing. However there are some items I love wearing in a park, and occasionally in my day to day life, just not daily. Enter in the Disney wardrobe! 
Those key items I love, and save for the parks, are safely stored in my suitcase. As are all the other fun goodies we like to bring with us for when we travel. Seeing as we are only going to each park once, I've got to make each look count! Especially since we won't be going back to our hotel, even though it is RIGHT there, to change into multiple looks each day. 
Another mega part to packing for a trip like these is to make sure you are comfortable. Whether that means comfortable shoes or that means you're comfortable with the fit of your clothing. Nothing is worse when you are tugging down at the hem of your dress or pulling up your pants repeatedly because you totally forgot to pack your belt in the midst of the chaos. 

Full honesty. Would I wear this to the parks? No. Most of it, definitely! Like I said, comfort is key when it comes to traveling and enjoying the parks. The skirt and hat are a given, and the top (as long as it wasn't too warm) would definitely pass. The shoes, while I love them and think they are a thing of beauty, wouldn't pass my list. How all those lovely ladies all over Insta manage it, I will never know. My beloved Chucks, Vans or Adidas? Check, check and check! Granted all three probably won't go with me, however that's a debate for another day!
Plus, the other factor, which will probably seem silly. The castle on the skirt is Cinderella's castle which is in Walt Disney World, aka Florida instead of Aurora's castle  which is in Disneyland. Same story for my lovely embroidered hat, however that customization will probably make me forget all about it says the wrong park for this trip!
Stay tuned for more Disney posts all about how to pack most efficiently and cutely, as well as my in park shopping wishlist! 

Hat: Disney Store, embroidered at Mouse Gears |
Sunnies: Nora NYC |
Blouse: Piazza Sempione via TJMaxx |
Skirt: Amazon |
Shoes: Steve Madden

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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