Girls With Glasses...

Girls with glasses, don't get passes. Were me and my sister the only ones with a mom that told them about that lovely little line? Definitely not in a way to prevent us from wearing them, just something she heard when she was growing up.  
While that may have been true at one point, it definitely is not anymore. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors out there that make picking out glasses an incredible accessory. And who doesn't love a good accessory? Especially one that gives you better vision.

Growing up, I absolutely loved the idea of glasses and so desperately wanted a pair. Both my parents wear them, as does my sister, then there was poor ol me with the perfect 20/20 vision. I actually went as far as trying to fudge my vision test so I could wear them. Which yes, I realize makes no sense. Mom, I don't know that you ever knew that, so, now you do.
Needless to say, the doctor clearly saw right through my charade and I didn't get my much desired glasses. That was until  my freshman year of high school, I FINALLY needed them for distance. Mainly in large classrooms that I was seated in the back of or when I started learning to drive. I learned over time, it was just easier to wear them all the time. Especially when they look fabulous.

The downside to glasses? They can be incredibly expensive. I'm extremely lucky to have a sister that is an Optician and gives them as gifts. However sometimes it's fun to add to your collection outside of gift giving times of year.
Enter in the best site, Zenni Optical! 
They have been where my past few pairs of glasses have been from, and they are truly the best. They have a huge selection to choose from and are a fraction of the cost from a lot of other places out there! They all come in this cute teal case with a cloth to clean the lenses.
The options are endless. Regular glasses? Sure. Prescription sunglasses? You got it. Customizing with a symbol or word of your choice? Oh yeah, they do that, too! Plus, they make it so easy! Make sure to have your prescription handy and get to browsing! 

Glasses: Zenni Optical |
Dress: Collective Concepts via  Nordstrom Rack |
Belt: Vintage |
Sneakers: Converse 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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