Monthly Favorites | July 2018

Ahh Summer. My brain has finally gotten into the swing of the season. And yes, it took me this long. I do enjoy the warmer weather and enjoy the luxury of not wearing a heavy Winter coat and boots. However I also miss layering a hoodie and a leather jacket, snuggling up with a cozy blanket, a cup of tea and a book. Which is why I wish Fall and Spring were just a smidge longer .
With my mind officially swapped over to Summer and I've gotten back into the swing of Summer dressing, make-up and hair; I wanted to share my favorites and my tips to go along with them!

Oh yes, another repeat. These have been non-stop on my feet! Hey, that rhymed. Anyway! They are just so simple and easy, you slide them on and you're on your way. They're classic and black, plus can be dressed up or down. I challenge you to find a better shoe for the Summer season.

This little guy I chatted about in my Updated Jewelry Collection post. Each little charm means something incredibly important to me, it's the perfect simple accessory for everyday. And I absolutely love pairing it with other necklaces for a simple yet impactful look. 

This month has been incredibly warm! And with all of that warmth, it makes it incredibly tricky for my hair and make-up routine. Thankfully my hair is short and pretty easy. I do not miss the days of long hair in the Summer! Those of you that do, kudos. I love having a super easy product that I can use if I let my hair air dry or the occasional blow-dry. This Down & Out spray from IGK is AH-MAZING. As far as texture sprays go, I think it's my favorite. It smells like Summer in a can, and gives your hair that dirty feel without the oil. Plus has excellent hold! Definitely will be repurchasing.
These beauty buys are new to my aresenal, however have been in constant rotation. The All Nighter spray from Urban Decay was a new addition for me, and I was super curious. The first setting spray I've ever used. With the heat wave we had, the timing could not have been better. It kept my make-up right where it needed to be all day! I also have heard it can be used as a primer first, which I for sure need to try.
Finally, that brings us to lips! These two have been non-stop on my lips since I got them. The first is Posh Spice by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The formula is excellent and the color is that perfect 90s nude without being too dark or too brown. Absolutely amazing. This lip pencil from Buxom in Stealth is awesome, too! It's a peach, but the right amount of warmth for this cool undertone girl. This has pretty decent lasting power, but definitely needs a touch up throughout the day.
I hope you all had an amazing July and discovered all kinds of new and fun things! Enjoy the rest of the wonderful Summer season!
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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