Monthly Favorites | June 2018

About to sound like a broken record, but how is it we are now in July? Where the heck did June go? It truly does not seem possible, but alas. Here we are. The items that have been my ABSOLUTE favorites this month will surely come as no surprise. And there may or may not be a repeat item from last month. But hey, THAT'S how much I love it!

Let's get down to business with fashion and beauty favorites of the month! 
Platforms and Flatforms. Oh yes, the items of my childhood are coming back into fashion. Will I be wearing all of the items that were popular in the 90s? Nope, I don't think so. However are there certain things I will be rocking? Oh yes! And yes, my flatform shoes a la Stella McCartney are in ANOTHER month's favorites. Ooh, scandalous! However that is how much I love them! And of course, I added another pair to my collection. These brought me right back to being a kid, both my Mom and my sister had a pair of these. Not the Steve Madden ones, however inspired by them. These bad boys are by Bebe and I couldn't leave them in the store. They just bring me so much joy. If your shoes don't bring you joy, then you're not wearing the right shoes.
Another 90s favorite? Chokers. I've been obsessed with wearing them, specifically the long stringed ones that you can tie. My favorite way to wear mine? In a bow! I wrap it around a few times, then just tie it. I was watching Riverdale, and Cheryl Blossom had hers tied in a bow and I was just shocked I had never tried it! And now, I'm in love.
Beauty! As you know, I did a cheeky little mini haul from Kylie Cosmetics. Two items from that haul quickly became staples in my makeup routine. Those being the Dirty Peach liquid lipstick and the Pearl concealer. If you haven't been tried them yet, but have been looking to, definitely worth it! 

Miscellaneous favorites! Some of my favorite things in the world are books and candles. And my collections for both are ever growing! My two reads for the month that I absolutely loved! Dead Drive 2 is absolutely incredible, if you haven't read the first one yet, you need to. The second one was just as good, however took a slightly darker turn, and I always enjoy that in a great series. The second pick is based off of the show The Blacklist, which we absolutely love. You can't beat a show with Spader. Erik got me two books from this series, and finally got a chance to read it! Incredible. Spot on with the show, and the author got everyone's personalities down pat. 
Lastly, my favorite candle! Bikini Weather from Bath and Body Works. I got this a month and a half ago, and fell in love! It smells exactly like Summertime as a kid, sunscreen and water. Essentially the entire season in a scent. Highly recommend!  

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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