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Tis the season for new in beauty products! Lord knows I have a hard time resisting a new lip product. There are just so many out there, especially in the matte family which is my favorite. I am probably the biggest low maintenance beauty lover you'll meet. I love the process of putting it on and wearing it, however I do not want to touch up throughout the day. When I put it on, I expect it's going to stay there until I take it off. And I want it to stay looking pristine. I know with the humidity that is certainly A LOT to ask. However I'm looking for as close as I can get to perfection when it comes to lasting power. 
I have found quite a few that matte liquid lips that I adore, however not in a red formula, yet. Red lipstick is something I haven't quite mastered. I feel like it's something I should really like, because what kind of beauty girl would I be if I didn't? I love a bold lip, but not convinced of the red. Til my hair went blonde, and now, I really like it. Especially in the Summer months! When I discovered that Maybelline came out a new one (I wasn't wowed by their last one) I wanted to give it a go. Enter in 'Pioneer'. 

If you're like me, and always on the hunt for a blue undertone red and being a little bit deeper, this one is definitely worth it! It makes my teeth incredibly white, which rarely happens with red lipstick for me. The formula is hydrating and dries relatively quick. If you find you're layering it for pigment, give it a moment then blot. The lasting power for this is INCREDIBLE. And it lasted through eating pizza! If that doesn't tell you how much I love this formula, I'm not sure what will. Very excited to try more shades, 5/5 no question.

Next up! Smokey Jade in the Power Matte lipstick formula. When I was looking at all of the Maybelline lip products, I saw they had a little key describing the formulas of lipsticks. Originally, the matte maroon packaging was the most matte they had, and I was a big fan of those. Needless to say, I was intrigued! The formula is very nice when you apply it, has enough moisture in it that it glides however it does indeed dry matte. The downside for me? It doesn't apply evenly and the lasting power was okay, just not as amazing as the Super Stay Matte Ink formula. Overall? 3/5. Would I repurchase? Probably not, especially since I know how awesome the liquid formula is. IF you don't mind reapplying throughout the day and want something that comes off easy when removing make-up, this formula would probably be better. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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