The Hair Diaries | Platinum Progression

The pictures above from left to right: After I used a color remover and applied a purple conditioner. After the first round of lightening. Third process of lightening, fourth overall in this process. The end result!
Alright, let's get right into it! Like I had said in my last hair post, I wanted to keep you updated on the process it takes to become platinum blonde, and be incredibly realistic. Once we did a major haircut, we did a total of three lightening processes with a blue/violet toner at the end. It is definitely a process however totally worth it, for me. My hair naturally is on the darker end of the scale and can be pretty resistant, so it does take a bit to get the end result we were looking for. 

I am incredibly fortunate that my hair holds up like a champ whenever I do different processes to it. Not everyone experiences that, and thankfully for me, my hair still feels great! A big part of that is I am doing various different treatments at home to make sure my hair continues to feel great and stay healthy. The latest updates to my hair care routine have been a few more things from OGX's haircare line. I found this line of products originally on Ulta and pretty sure they are inspired by Olaplex. That is a product we work with at work, and it does WONDERS. So I thought I'll give it a shot, and add it to my shampoo/conditioner regime! The third item I got was a hair oil a part of the Platinum line. It has a very light smell and makes my hair feel great. I'm not sure if it truly helps with getting rid of brassiness, only because I use lot of products to combat that. The last item, but by no means least, is the new line of tools from Paul Mitchell's Summer line. All mermaid inspired! Needless to say, I got this brush and a paddle brush!

My new favorite combination, hands down, is doing a weekly mask of L'Oreal Paris' Elvive Hair Mask with a TEENY TINY drop of Manic Panic's Rockabilly Blue color. Mix it up, leave it on your hair for 10 mins (less if you want just to tone, more if you want the blue tone) and be amazed when you rinse it out! Not only does my hair feel amazingly healthy but it also has a gorgeous tone to it! 
Til next time in the hair diaries!  
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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