The Man Behind the Camera

This fella right here is the elusive man behind the camera. He is the one responsible for a lot of the incredible shots you see on here, and I am forever grateful for that hidden skill. Well, today happens to be a very special day. Today is his birthday, and I thought there's no better way to introduce him to you, than this! He is not one to enjoy being in front of the camera, however I have been able to snap quite a few seeing as I also love being behind the camera.
Erik happens to be the coolest cat I know. He's my best friend, partner in crime and love of my life, all rolled into one studly package. I know what you're thinking, I'm a lucky gal; and you would be right. We love watching Disney movies and going to the parks, binge watching historical dramas, ice cream for dinner (fro-yo for me), day trips with our pups, and in depth chats about hypothetical scenarios. He also happens the best shopping partner, find something you love but not in the right size? Somehow he makes it appear out of thin air. 
Happy birthday my Love! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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