There Once was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. And I've got to tell you, she was living the dream. I mean, I'm sure Mother Goose isn't talking  about an old, smelly, uncomfortable shoe. Did anyone else think that when they read that growing up? I mean, how did she decide to live in a shoe? And how did she choose between all of the amazing options out there? 

Shoes have always been my thing. And seeing as my shoe size hasn't changed since I was in 7th grade, you start to accumulate A LOT of shoes. The more you have, the less wear each pair gets, therefore the collection lasts quite a while. I have paired down my collection significantly to when I was in high school. I actually had my bed put on risers so I could fit more shoes. My Mom always said, as long as you can make more room, you can have more. So, I bent the rules a little and got bigger bins to go under the raised bed.

Over the years, I've had numerous clear-outs. They are just so incredibly therapeutic. Sometimes, I get a little carried away and get rid of things that I didn't have the foresight I would want to purchase again. There are two pairs I feel that with, both from 7th grade. The first pair? My slip on Airwalk lookalike Vans.

They were my second pair of sneakers for that school year since Payless wasn't having one of their famous BOGO sales. Back to School sneaker shopping was always a big thing. I don't know if anyone else had parents that did this, or if they realize that it's something that made an impression on me, but it did. We would go to find the perfect sneaker that would fit me then, and I also had some room to grow. Once I fell in love with a pair, the finger-toe test was next. Have your foot all the way back and lift your toes up to see how far they come while a parent presses. Did anyone else have that happen? Every year without fail, it was a tradition, and probably why cute sneakers will always hold a special place in my heart.

Alright, back to the coolest slip on sneakers a 7th grade kid could have. They were robin's egg blue and white argyle white this thin dotted line of electric green. And they were my extra pair because my Mom saw my face light up when I saw them. My favorite color and in one of my favorite prints?! I mean, SOLD. These definitely were loved and worn, and as time went on, they didn't fit my style. I became more in love with ballet flats a la Audrey. And out they went.

(Sadly, not my pair, but how cool is it that the internet remembers them?)

I think it's so interesting how certain things end up back in your wardrobe, even if it is 13 years later. I have been eyeing the checkered slip on vans for quite a while. I loved the classic black and white, but I wanted something a little bit different than the average. The beloved argyle pair also came in black and white with a hint of pink, and that's just not me. I like to have the classic with a twist. 
For the vans checkerboard, they have various color options. One I fell for on Famous Footwear and really was pondering getting were the blush and white. And yes I'm enjoying that shade now, but, for how long? I went online, and saw the baby blue and white and it was like seeing the Airwalk version all over again. It was meant to be! I finally have them back in my life.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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