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Each season, comes with different colors that are associated with it. Winter has its blues, grays and vibrant reds. Spring has its peppy pastels, Summer has its bold and vibrant tones. Fall has quite the variety and lots of warmth. Pumpkin orange, sunset yellow, olive green, rich burgundy and chocolate brown. 
Typically, those autumnal shades aren't normally in my wardrobe. The cool jewel tones have always been my cup of tea. However ever since I got my engagement ring three years ago, I've slowly started enjoying warm tones mixed with my usual cool tones. For this Fall, I have discovered a new color combination I am absolutely loving.  
Turquoise and golden glow. Turquoise has always been my favorite color. And adding this golden glow mustard yellow tone, totally revamps it and gives it new life for the upcoming months.  

It all started when I was shopping a few weeks back and came across this mustard yellow tee. And I was immediately drawn to it. I must say, I was incredibly surprised. Seeing as it had never been a color I was particularly interested in, I left it there. Well, two weeks passed, and I was still thinking about it. Always a sign that something will be a good fit in your wardrobe. Perusing through Harper's Bazaar, and what do I see? A spread from Marc Jacobs featuring both shades. Huh, interesting.  
The following week I thrifted this incredible vintage turquoise blazer, complete with gold buttons and shoulder pads, a la Balmain. Needless to say, the dream. Then my next trip to TJMaxx, I was seeing that mustard yellow tone everywhere... Again, interesting. Apparently it isn't going anywhere! And all I could think was, what if you combined them? What an electric combination. 

Then realized, it wasn't a new combination at all. Drizella Tremaine has been rocking it for years. Everything that is old, is new again.

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