Everything That is Old is New Again

Everything that is old is new again. We all have heard this in regards to a multitude of topics. Whether that be a movie plot twist, TV show concept, fashion trends and colors of the moment. A big color of the moment is a blush pink with the lovely name of Millennial Pink. 
As "millennial" I really don't like that being something I'm connected to. Sure, I have been enjoying some items in the shade, however, as you know I prefer the phrasing of rose quartz. In the last couple of years, everyone has gone ga-ga for it, which I can understand. What I find fascinating is the concept of dressing head to toe in Millennial Pink is a brand new idea. Which brings us back to everything that is old is new again. 
(Image from Dior's Instagram)

(Image from lovinghautecouture's Instagram)

These three looks are truly standouts looks. I love the more masculine structure complimented with the softer color. The first one I saw of this trend and look was from the Dior's Men Runway show. There was quite a bit of this pink shade featured, however this look was by far my favorite. I want to wear this entire look, forever. Especially the blazer. I mean, it's the blazer of DREAMS. The structure, the hardware, the color. It's just perfect. And for there to be a runway show designed specifically for men that appeals to both men and women? Dior is doing something right. Per usual. The color palette of these looks, though? Nothing new. Did everyone forget about Jackie O's iconic Chanel suit from November, 22nd 1963.

(Image form stylenstories' Instagram)
 That's right. Nothing is ever fully new. Even something that takes the styling world by storm and everyone is loving, it's not a new concept. Here are two looks by Jackie O, complete with pillbox hat and gloves (I can't even with how impeccably styled she always was) and the third being Lady Di, who also took a nod to Jackie. 
It will always be an ever classic head to toe look, and will forever be reinvented with a different silhouettes and trends. Everything that is old is new again, especially "millennial pink".
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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