Monthly Favorites | August 2018

Oh, August, you have zoomed by. With it's warm days, touches of rain and hint of cooler Fall air, along with another month of favorite items! A lot of fashion and jewelry favorites, a few beauty favorites and a new favorite show. Let's get this show on the road!
I am sure this first item will come as no surprise! I have been wearing this new pair of Vans absolutely nonstop. They have the classic appeal of a traditional pair of Vans, but with a fun new color scheme. They add a fun little edge to a summery dress, or the perfect accessory to a casual outfit. Not to mention, incredibly comfortable.

This second item I had no idea how much I truly needed in my life, til I saw it. I was shopping at Levi's, and saw it and fell in love. However, I left the store without it. As a few weeks passed, I realized that I had come up with endless outfits featuring it, and should probably go back and pick it up. It definitely hasn't been cool enough outside to wear it, but that hasn't stopped me! It's the best accessory to throw over your shoulders if you're going to the movies or a restaurant with intense AC, or at night now that there is a bit of a coolness to the air. And as Fall approaches, I know I will being wearing it everyday.

Jewelry is something I really enjoy, specifically statement pieces. My key favorite statement pieces are rings. It can take a simple white tee and jeans outfit from casual to something a little more elevated. This ring I added to my collection earlier on this Summer, and I have worn it every single day since then.  

I'm an absolute sucker for a statement lip, always have been and always will be. One of my all time favorites? A vamp dark matte lip. That has lasting power and doesn't bleed, almost impossible. Or so I thought. Until I read an online article talking about the best liquid lipsticks on the market, one being by Maybelline. Since it was an accessible option, I had to try it. I picked mine up in Escapist. It's a long-wearing matte liquid lipstick that is also hydrating. However, not so hydrating that it compromises the long-wear like others I've tried. It lasts through meals with minimal touch ups, and no transfer. That's right, no lip prints on a glass or on cheeks. Which I'm sure my husband appreciates! For under $8, you truly cannot beat it! 

I'm always on the hunt for new show to watch, and I always love a documentary. Knowledge is power. The more information you know, the better it helps you in life. Prior to seeing this, I did know a bit about Hugh Hefner. Mainly through his E! True Hollywood Story, as well as E!'s Girls Next Door. So when I came across this on Amazon Prime, I was intrigued. It is absolutely amazing and incredible. There are actually home videos, interviews, photos as well as acting. I think the part I enjoyed the most is there is a lot of history of what the country was going through at that moment, and how Playboy tied into it. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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