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Betty and Veronica is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops. They have a little bit of everything. T-shirts, polos, dresses, bathing suits, sunnies, pins and patches galore! Most importantly, the items feature the iconic duo of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, if not together, for sure individually. Lots of items have a subtle nod to the Archie comics, while others are much more prominent. Not your cup of tea? Not to worry! They have gorgeous silk pajama sets and fun sunnies by A Fashion Nerd. 
Pop art has always been a favorite of mine. I love the balance of the bright colors contrasted with the black lines. It turns something that is usually deemed as "childish" and turns into an acceptable thing for adults to enjoy. I mean, let's be real. They're cartoons. And they are awesome. 
Seeing as I am a lover of cartoons and pop art alike, as well as the show Riverdale, I couldn't help but be excited when I discovered Betty and Veronica. I started perusing the site and immediately fell in love. Their items cover a lot of different styles which appeals to a larger variety of people. Plus, their Instagram account features lots of different body types, as well as various style types giving you ideas. 
These are two of the three items I have purchased from them, the third being a leather patch which resides on my laptop. And yes, it's of Veronica, too. What can I say? I'm a Veronica, not a Betty. Interestingly enough, I prefer Jughead over Archie, go figure. Anyway! The price points on the items are slightly higher than I typically like to spend on a single item, however the quality is amazing. And when they have sales, they have excellent prices. 

T-Dress: Betty and Veronica
Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear
Choker: Charming Charlie's
Leggings: Forever 21 (old, loving these)
Bag: Michael Kors via TJMaxx
Shoes: Vans via Famous Footwear

Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear
Blouse: Betty and Veronica
Bag: Michael Kors via TJMaxx
Skirt: Rue 21
Shoes: Vans via Famous Footwear

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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