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Once upon a time, I would have laughed if you told me I would have a larger collection of sneakers than heels. But alas, here we are. I mean, when did I become more of a Sporty Spice than Posh Spice? Thankfully, they have become more and more beautiful and pretty, and comfortable to boot! 

Tom's x Disney 
A few months ago, lovers of Tom's and Disney alike were incredibly excited about a three part launch. I happened to be a part of that excited bunch! I know that I went into full detail about this in my Summer Launches post, so I will keep it short and sweet. Tom's and Disney have a three part collaboration featuring the three original Disney Princesses, Snow, Cindy and Briar Rose. The artwork is incredible and different prints are available as well as different styles of Tom's. These bad boys are from the kids section and they're amazing. SO incredibly comfortable!

Steve Madden via Famous Footwear
These bad boys have been through a lot over the past two years, and they don't show it at all. They are the perfect mix of sporty/casual with the classic look of the quilted material a la Chanel. These shoes will always remind me of my Mom helping me not be stressed the weekend before our wedding and start of our honeymoon. While also finishing up moving into our home. I mean, not stressful at all, right? One big way to help me de-stress? Shopping. I'm sure your jaw dropped. And these were my first purchase of the day and I fell in love immediately!

Vans via Famous Footwear 
These little loves I have talked about in full depth in a recent post, There Once Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. Go and give it a read! The pastel blue and white is fun twist on the traditional checkerboard look of Vans. Super comfy and an excellent Summer shoe.

 Vans via Famous Footwear
I for sure jumped on the band wagon of the Old Skool sneakers by Vans. I typically don't like the band wagon. However they are incredibly worth the hype. SO comfy and they go with everything. I mean it, everything.

Nike via Famous Footwear 

These beauties were $5 and from the kid's section! They are just an awesome chunkier sneaker and have a total retro vibe.

Adidas via Famous Footwear
The sneakers that started it all. These were the first pair that I picked up that truly kicked off the craze. I started wearing them casually and also dressing them up a little bit. These also happened to be an item I wanted since I was a kid when they were incredibly popular. However at that point a little too pricey. Especially being a kid and your feet constantly growing. But as an adult, an absolute staple. 

Converse All-Star
These lovelies are definitely up there on the top of my list, shoes and sneakers alike. If you go online for Nike, you can custom create your dream Converse! I explained the full process in a blog post from last year, click here if you're interested!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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