The Hanger. The Crown. The Castle.

Tattoos. The forever type of accessories and little pieces of artwork. And a super cool part of that? Your body is the canvas. Everyone has their own very personal opinion about the subject. Someone love them and want their entire body covered, while others truly do not like them. Personally, I'm right in the middle. I don't want my entire body covered, however I do really love them. There are so many different types in the category as a whole, and I'm fascinated by it all. 

My personal taste? Outlines. 
I love the look of very simple and dainty outlines. They're very classic and small, and a little surprise when you're wearing different items. A little peek-a-boo. My first two are: a fleur de lis and my Papa's last name in his writing. And it was very exciting to add to my collection! The latest and greatest? A hanger, a crown and Cinderella's castle silhouette.  
The hanger. This one could be an incredibly simple explanation or incredibly complicated. Since you're reading this post and are on a fashion blog... I would say incredibly simple. Fashion and style has always been my first love. It's the one thing I know that I am meant to do. This one has been one I've been pondering for ages, long before I got my first one and I'm so glad that I added this one!

The crown. This little guy's explanation is a little bit trickier. I've always liked the look of crowns and have been interested in Tudor history since I was 12; however, that's not even why. It all goes back to my Father's Day post and my love of Rock music. As I said in that post, my love of music all started with my Dad's Queen News of the World album. I immediately fell in love with the world of Rock and that grew over time. So of course having a crown only made sense. 

The castle. I mean, this one shouldn't need an explanation. We all know my love of all things Disney. Disney always been a happy place and an escape for me. And with 2018 being the year we're going to the original Disney park that started it all, the timing was perfect.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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