The September Issue

The September Issue. Otherwise known as the fashion bible. September is the equivalent to January in the fashion industry. It is when all the new trends and styles come out, and we know what will be going on for the upcoming year. Wanting to update your wardrobe, or add something new to your style? Now is the time. 
In 2009, a documentary was released about the making of the 804 paged September 2007 issue of Vogue. Ever question why magazines like this exist? And why people, like myself, make a big deal out of them? Give it a watch. It is absolutely remarkable the amount of work, creativity and unbelievable amounts of patience Anna Wintour and the Vogue team have to create this masterpiece each year, let alone the other issues each month. 
2009 also happened to be the year that I started my collection of September issues. After watching the documentary, it made me respect the publication way more than I already did. Which is saying something, because, hello, it's Vogue.  And true to form, each year I get incredibly excited when sneak peaks are released about the cover star or shots from the shoot. Then, when the cover is released? It's incredible. Then the wait is on til it's actually in store. And let me tell you, as soon as that cover is released, I'm on the hunt. Then when I finally spot it, pick it up and feel the weight of it, it's incredible. Because what you're holding, that "magazine" full of "stuff" is so much more. 
It's a fresh start. It's the beginning of a new you, a new outlook. That thought to revamp your whole look from an inspiring spread. It's a fresh start to becoming that person you want to be, if you dress the part, you'll become the part. A new outlook to restyling your current wardrobe. Especially with those items you didn't want to throw away and have hidden, guess what? They're now the latest trend. That's right, shoulder pads and the 80s are back in, which to me? They never left. 

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