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We are officially back from our third Disney trip, however this one was our very first trip to where it all started. Disneyland! It was quite the adventure, and we had an absolute blast. It was an excellent way to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, and would highly recommend it! 
The number one question everyone seems to want to know is, Which is better? Disneyland or Walt Disney World? And to be completely honest, it is pretty darn close. I think overall, Disneyland is my jam. It may not be as large size wise (but let's be real, with all the walking, is that really  a bad thing?), but the big positive for me is that it has so many awesome attractions Disney World has replaced, or never had to begin with. Snow White's Scary Adventures, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pinocchio's Daring Adventure and Alice in Wonderland. All the attractions are much closer together, so you get off of one right and go right to another one. The downside? There definitely aren't as many shops or restaurants as Florida. And when I say not as many, I mean there are still A TON. 
The overall verdict? Disney World wins by the smallest point. It all comes down to sentimental reasons. Walt Disney World was the first park I went to at the ripe age of 22, got engaged on that trip (in The Little Mermaid ride, no less) and is also the same park we went on our honeymoon.  
Now on to where we stayed! The Paradise Pier Hotel. 

Disneyland has 3 different hotels on property, Disneyland  Hotel, The Grand Californian and the Paradise Pier Hotel. As you can tell by the title, we stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel. I'm so incredibly glad this is where we stayed! The interior of the lobby was incredible itself, however all of the little details in the hall, our room and the elevator was truly what sold it to me. 

I mean, how incredible is this view? And that's right! That crazy looking structure is in fact the Incredicoaster that is in California Adventure. That is how close we were to the park. Mind blowing. Especially since I was used to the shuttles that were necessary to take in Florida. In California, everything is under a 10 minute walk. Seriously. Whether that's Downtown Disney, Disneyland, California Adventure or any of the other hotels on property. It's pretty incredible!  

Not going to lie. I really wanted to figure out how to bring that Donald Duck poster back home with us, Erik sadly wasn't to keen on helping me figure out how. And doubly sad, they didn't sell smaller versions in their store downstairs. Along with the Pixar ball pillows. It's truly all the little details that are in the room that make your Disney stay amazing.

Another really cool perk? They have two different dining options. The first being the Surfside Lounge which has great options for breakfast and is affordable. The second is a bit pricier, however so incredibly worth it.
Disney's PCH Grill has Donald Duck's Seaside Breakfast, and it's incredible. It is a character breakfast buffet. We were the first people there on our anniversary (perks of being on East Coast time still), so we could meet Donald and get our picture with him, go off and get our food, then a little while later all different characters came out. We met Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck (my fav gal) and Stitch (my husband's favorite). So before we even went to the parks, we already had 4 signatures for our frame mat. The really cool thing is you get to have quite extensive interactions with the characters versus the traditional meet and greets. Like I said, it is pricier, however it's a buffet with loads of options for food. We were so full and didn't get really hungry til later in the afternoon. Plus, all the characters was a major added bonus. 

This was just plate number one, and it was absolutely delicious. I am a sucker for Mickey Mouse waffles with strawberries on top! So any breakfast including them, eggs AND green peppers, I am ALL over. My dream breakfast, no question.
All in all, the Paradise Pier Hotel was an incredible experience. The staff was incredible and super helpful and they have smart elevators. I was incredibly entertained by them, naturally. Outside of them, they have these touchscreen pads with all the numbers of the floors, you tap your floor and it tells you which lettered elevator to go to. As you step in, they tell you if you're "going up" or "going down" and I of course felt like I was in Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator music video every time. It was an excellent trip, and I can definitely see us staying here again for future Disneyland trips!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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