Color Crush | Olive Green

Different colors evoke all kinds of different feelings. Turquoise for me is always cheerful and happy, while various shades of warm tones that were popular in the 1970's evoke a nauseous feeling. But hey! That's just me. And back to the color at hand today, olive green. Oh, olive green, often referred to as military green, khaki green or my personal favorite, MASH green. 
MASH is a show that will always be near and dear to my heart. The theme song will always remind me of my Dad, and of course of one of my first TV crushes, Hawkeye Pierce. There's just something about a tall guy with dark hair who can make you laugh.  If you've never watched an episode, you may need to reevaluate your life choices because it's pretty great. Olive green is a color you see A LOT on MASH, hence the color association.  
Olive green is a comfort color, it's a shade that reminds me of cozy days in on cool Autumn evenings. It's a great neutral that has a little more pop than your standard black, camel or navy. It's universally flattering and looks great if you happen to have hazel green eyes, like myself.  
It's always a favorite color this time of year, however it seems to be incredibly popular this year in particular. Almost everywhere I turn there's olive green. My favorites I've been seeing are these booties from Old Navy, this sweater from H&M, and these leggings from Spanx.

Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear |
Jacket: BNCI by Blanc Noir via Bloomingdale's Outlet | 
Sweater and Tee: Vintage, thrifted |
Jeans: Old Navy |
Sneakers: Vans via Famous Footwear 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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