Friday Thoughts | October

Friday evening, and you know what that means! The weekend that once seemed to be fast approaching, is finally here. Friday also gives you the perfect time to reflect and think back over the course of the week, so here we go!
Trends I'm loving? 
Mixing prints. Love all the different prints that come along with Fall. Checks, plaids, stripes and leopard; give them all to me, and all at once sounds even better!
Guitar straps for bags. Absolutely brilliant. I am a cross body bag kinda girl, because I need both hands, obviously. And this is the perfect solution, not only are they practical and functional; but also super cute. Many brands have been coming out with them, there is one for everyone. Enjoy the hunt to find your 'perfect' one!
Leopard Print Chelsea Boots. These bad boys have quickly become my new favorite pair of shoes, especially for the season! I snagged them during a sale, with DSW reward points, no less! And free shipping, you truly can't beat it. 


Trends I'm not so loving? 
Velvet. Chenille. I know, these are some pretty big statements. Apparently the not so great fashion items of my childhood are back. What is it with velvet and chenille? I cannot stand the feeling on my hands. Am I the only one? It's such a bummer when you find something you love and as you get closer you discover it's in one of those fabrics. Why, oh why? 
Dior's Saddle Bag. Yep. I said it. I just... Don't get it. It's definitely not practical, and while I can justify it with some unpractical fashion items.. This one, I can't. The shape, the short handle. Just nothing appeals to me. Dior, I'm so sorry.

The Royal Wedding. Well, I think it's official. I have a new favorite royal family member. Princess Eugenie decided to go with a backless dress and no veil to showcase her scoliosis surgery. Read all about it here! "I think you can change the way beauty is, and you can show people your scars and I think it's really special to stand up for that." Amen! 

Image from Cosmopolitan 

Thanks for reading!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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