What I Wore | Foliage Inspiration

Let's be honest, Fall is pretty great. And I am sure that you are sick of  reading and seeing that all over the place, with all of the Basic Witches and their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and furry boots. There are some things I will completely agree with them on, pumpkin donuts are incredibly delicious and apple picking is a great way to spend the afternoon. And anything pumpkin and cinnamon scented, I more than likely will purchase. However, that just begins to explain why it's so great. 

Growing up in New England, you tend to get used to the foliage. It happens every year like clockwork, and it doesn't seem to be all that incredible. The colors are great, sure, but people coming from all over to go leaf peeping? That one baffled me. Okay, still does.. But I understand it a little bit more. I was driving the other day, and was truly amazed by the beauty I saw. 
There was this beautiful contrast of vibrant colors, the rich emerald green, the fiery red, the electric orange with the vibrant yellows. It was completely breathtaking. Growing up, this was the norm. I always loved it, but didn't realize how much it meant to me til September 2008. At that time, I was going in for my back surgery, and the leaves had started to turn slightly, but not fully. By the time I left the hospital, twelve days had passed, and I missed it. I missed the peak of Fall. And I never realized how much it mattered, til then. 
It was a fact of life, the season would come and the leaves would change. And that's that.

And here I was, happy to finally be out of a hospital bed and breathe fresh air and actually see outside. And what did I see? All the leaves on the ground and already starting to turn brown and crunch. Not quite the sight I was expecting to see.  
And now, each year, Fall is a gift. The leaves turning, with all of their bold vibrancy is a little gift to me from Mother Nature. And while you're seeing all of those colors outside in nature, they're reflected in what we see in people's wardrobes and in shops. Autumn by far has the best color palette. The Spring pastels and the Summer brights are absolutely beautiful, but nothing compares to the cozy foliage inspired shades.
Sweaters, scarves, hats, leather jackets  and gloves in a variety of foliage shades.. Well, that just can't be beat!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx 


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