What They Wore | Happy Anniversary

October 22nd, 1983 these two crazy kids eloped and started an incredible adventure together. Thankfully, I've been a part of that adventure for twenty-five years. They happen to be two of the best role models a girl could ask for. Thank you for teaching me that compromise is essential, the importance of creativity, the value behind hard work and most importantly, anything is possible. And if you can do it all with wit, humor and flair.. Well hey, you're ahead of the game. 
After two kids, eleven four-legged children, health scares (sorry about those, Mom) and ups and downs, they are best friends. They still tease each other and hold hands, and I'm so grateful that they are my parents and the relationship that I grew up with. They have been through a lot, and they came through the other side stronger and closer. They're pretty amazing, I know. 

 (My Dad with my sister, Talia, and my Mom with our Golden, Buddy Bear)

And not only are they all of the things I mentioned above, they also were the first style role models I had. I know that I did go into that further here and here, but it is true. A lot of things that I wear or that I see will forever be connected to one of them. Anything in a camel brown will remind me of my Dad's butterscotch work boots and turtlenecks will always remind me of my Mom. And clearly the Mickey Mouse t-shirt love runs in the blood. 
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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