Monthly Favorites | October 2018

It has been a little bit since our last monthly favorites recap, and with there being a new season upon us and a couple months time to test out some new things... I am oh so happy to report my latest favorites that I can't seem to not have a part of my daily routine!


This bad boy I picked up during our trip to Disneyland, and immediately starting using it. Am I the only one that does that with new items? Specifically bags. I'm a sucker for falling madly in love with an item, and always sweetly ask the cashier if they can snip any tags off because I can't wait. Needless to say, this was no exception. If you are interested, in Disneyland there is cute shop that is Haunted Mansion themed, Port Royal Curios and Curiosities, and it's attached to Pieces of Eight. And as we got out of the store, I switched everything right over. I haven't stopped using it since! I added some little charms, a monogrammed one and a Mickey tag and a nice new strap, all from Coach. The strap that came with it was a very odd length for my height, so this new one was an excellent find! I love the multi color strap, with a mix of neutrals and fun fall-time accent colors. 

These two have been on CONSTANT rotation. These boots have made me so incredibly happy, that I'm actually pondering getting a back up pair because I never want to be without. It took me over a year to find the perfect printed Chelsea boot. And then I stumbled on DSW, and found these bad Larry's. They checked all of my boxes of what I considered the perfect boot and were just my price AND on sale. Naturally, it was fate. 
Next up! My Citizens of Humanity Avedon Jeans. These are without a doubt the most I have ever paid for a pair of jeans. Lucky for me, I was working at a denim boutique and got a discount. They happen to be the softest pair of jeans I have ever felt. Like butter, truly. If you ever see a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans, feel them. You will be amazed. They have been in my wardrobe for 4 years or so, and I absolutely loved them when I got them. Then they got a little too big, and that was that. Well, they fit again and I'm so happy! They have been my go-to for work days as well as days off. Definitely worth the investment!

The only sunglasses that I've cared about since I got them! Definitely check Blenders Eyewear out! They have this style in quite a few different colors, as well as many other options!! 
Homeware and Beauty.

This candle is seriously the best. I fell madly in love earlier in the season when they first got released, and of course used it all up. Thankfully, I have a few more saved for a rainy (or snowy) day. It does smell a little bit different than their Hot Cocoa and Cream candle, a smidgen more sweet. It is now tied for the number one spot with Pumpkin Cupcake and Paris Cafe. All incredibly worth it! 
Lastly, my new favorite beauty product! This Summer, I came across an article my phone suggested about the longest wearing lip products. Of course I was curious to see if I happened to agree with any of their picks. One that I hadn't tried and was surprised I didn't know about was the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink. I tested out the red one first, and was incredibly impressed. And of course, my collection just grew from there! I am happy to report that the formula is consistent with all four shades and with the lasting power to match. And for under $7, you can't go wrong! The shades featured are: Fighter, Escapist, Pioneer and Philosopher. 


This time of year always reminds me of the start of school and of Gilmore Girls. Always went hand in hand for me. I would get home from school, get a snack, do my homework and then the daily reward was an episode of Gilmore Girls. It has and will always be a comfort show for me. I have watched it through probably more times than one should admit... I just can't help it. Plus, the more that I watch it through and go back to the beginning, I catch more references I didn't understand the last time. And since Netflix has it on their list, I have been a very happy girl! Oy with the poodles already!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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