New In | Little Women Palette

Since elementary school, Little Women has been my favorite book. Back then, I started with the kid versions (and yes there were multiple versions!), and as I got older I read the original version. The movie, of course, I love and is such a comfort movie for me. Winona Ryder as Jo is just perfect. I've been to Louisa May Alcott's house (highly recommend if you're a fan of her or her books). I think the big draw for me growing up was that she did things that weren't typical for a woman at that time, and she was from New England! Jo was always my favorite because I could relate to her the most; stubborn, hard-headed and determined. Some of my best and worst qualities, depending on the scenario.  

So when Storybook Cosmetics announced that they were starting a monthly Book Club Subscription box, with their first one being Little Women, I was so excited! I'm a big fan of their products and formula (obsessed with this one), and of course their packaging. I love a good binding for a book in general, then combine that with make-up? I'm in heaven. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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