Styles I'm Loving | November 2018

I do believe my love affair with raw hem denim has gone from just a fling, to a full fledged relationship. And oh yes, we're talking about jeans. It's getting very serious. Over the last year, I have fallen madly in love with the combination of raw hemmed jeans with over sized sweaters and booties. Add a blazer and a leather jacket, and I'm in heaven.
Not only did I fall in love with this trend and style in magazines, but also on Instagram. It has become my absolute favorite place to become inspired by everyday street style. Plus, you get to see what people are wearing all over the world. I tend to follow a lot of style bloggers that are either in New York or in England, and it's interesting to see how the trends that were popular a year ago in England are starting to slowly make their way over to the States. Gives you the upper hand! 
This combination has a relaxed 90's movie character wardrobe feel, brings me right back to being a kid, and there's something so comforting in that.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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