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Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of my absolute favorite Disney movies. And if you know me, that statement is a pretty large one. And we're talking all categories of Disney, so, it really is saying a lot. It has always been one that I connected to, and has always made happy. Let's be real, its no Little Mermaid, but then again, what is? The library and the mysterious West Wing (sans Rob Lowe) in the castle? It's totally up there, even without Rob Lowe. 
Belle inspired me from birthday cakes to purse choice and our Daisy's middle name. Yep, it's after the enchanted rose and one Mr. Axl Rose. Even Halloween choice. I naturally chose the opening scene blue dress, because it's a total classic. Although, I will tell say her green dress is definitely my favorite and sadly doesn't get enough recognition. Just like Cinderella's pink dress, Aurora's blue dress and Ariel's sparkly purple dress. They are the most beautiful ones each wears and often forgotten. 
Belle's most iconic look, is the extravagant tiered golden number. Being one that isn't particularly fond of yellow, it's a tad surprising that I do love this moment as much as I do. It has that whole makeover quality to it. It's the first time Belle has her hair styled different; minus the whole windblown incident with the wolves in the woods. Also the first time we see Belle in a bold fashion choice, which is a little surprising since she is in a castle with a magical wardrobe and could probably have whatever she wants clothing wise. That's a discussion for another day. Am I the only one that found it to be lackluster in the live action version? It was extremely underwhelming for such a grand scene.

Seeing as this classic came out in 1991, I never was without it growing up. Thankfully. And seeing as the 90s has slowly started being seen as retro (mega cringe) and cool, it makes shopping really fun because of all the nostalgia. Disney has also joined on the band wagon. They have come out with this full line of 90s items featuring their top movies from the decade. Including: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hercules, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Goofy Movie. I fell in love the first time I fell in love with the VHS line. It brought back all of the warm and fuzzy feelings and the reminiscing of rewinding those buggers. 
So of course when we found the line in the Disney Store, I naturally got very excited. Then came the big game of deliberation of which clutch to go for. I was incredibly torn between Beauty and the Beast because as I said, it was an absolute favorite as a kid. But then Hercules has become a favorite as an adult. Childhood memories won out, especially since it made me think of this pink crossbody bag I had as a kid with Belle and the Enchanted Rose on it. I've switched everything into that instead of my everyday wristlet, and I must, I'm loving it!

Jacket: Levi's | Sunnies: Nora NYC |
Hoodie: Rue 21 | Pants: Old Navy |
Boots: Steve Madden

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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