Monthly Favorites | November 2018

Part two in our Fall time monthly favorites is here! My how quickly it has come, and hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! All of my favorites from last month are still in my regular rotation, and absolutely in love with all of them. Now let's get going.
Fashion and Beauty.

Blush: Wet N Wild
These two have been in constant rotation and don't know what I would be wearing if I didn't have these in my possession. I am not a major fan of the color pink, however there is something about the color clash with red and the pop of the stars gives it a rock n roll vibe. It's a lightweight sweater, it's warm on its own and also great for layering. I talked about this blush from Wet n Wild in my haul back in June, and wasn't overly impressed. With beauty products, I either love them or I'm not thoroughly impressed by them. This one was originally the latter. I do like to try things a few different ways before I say for sure how I feel, and I'm so glad I tried this a few more times! It has been my go-to blush for months at this point, and I'm loving it, as you can clearly see!
Skin Care.

Body Wash: Bath and Body Works
Moisturizer: bareMinerals
Mask: Clinique
These three I have been using everyday since I have gotten them, without fail. The body wash smells like perfect fall afternoon; toasted marshmallows, crackling campfires and cozy flannels, you can't beat it. It lathers great and smells fantastic! 
I'm so incredibly happy that bareMinerals replaced their last sunscreen, Prep Step! It was my go-to everyday moisturizer, and being someone who does have fair skin, I try to protect it the best I can. The latest addition is a part of Complexion Rescue family, which I love already. This moisturizer adds a gorgeous glow and luminosity to the skin, plus it evens a lot out so you don't need a ton of coverage when it comes to your foundation routine. Plus, it isn't irritating if it gets too close to the eyes. Major plus! 
Last but by no means least is my new holy grail item for my skin. I got this little travel size Clinique Blackhead Solution in a recent Sephora order, and was immediately amazed. It reminds me a lot of that little treatment that Proactiv had, does anyone remember that? You could use it as a daily mask or you could use it as a night spot treatment. This is the same kind of deal. It can be used as a face scrub, as a mask and my favorite discovery is as a night treatment. I don't think that was their intended use for this product, however I'm amazed at its results! It has cleared up any pesky little spots I have had very quickly! Highly recommend!
Movies and Music.

I'm fairly certain this will come as NO surprise to anyone. Since I went to see the movie a few weeks ago, I've been hooked. Granted, I was already a huge Queen fan already, so it's not really a big shock. I've been watching any old interviews and performances I can, as well as interviews promoting the movie. Seriously so good. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing and I've been listening non-stop. I have Queen Pandora currently going whenever I can, and the soundtrack is in my car. It's the best of the best, currently loving the live version of Radio Ga Ga. If you have seen or listen, you need to. No question.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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