What I Wore | Bangin'

Bangs. There is definitely something about them that they are either loved, or they are despised. You wouldn't think something fairly simple involving hair would create such a controversy, but it does. Especially when you consider the growing out process. Since I happen to have a pixie cut anyway, the process to grow them out isn't frustrating. But overall? I've always been a major fan of a full on blunt bang a la Bettie Page. It is ever classic and can be styled as punk, retro and anything in between. 
Growing up, I always had a pixie cut, until I decided to grow my hair out until it went down my back. And it may be surprising to many of you, but I did! It was incredibly heavy and was a whole lot of hair. Before my freshman year of high school, I decided to have it cut into a short bob. That went back and forth til my Junior year when I got my first blunt and bold bang. 
And it immediately started this on again off again love affair with them.   

(Why yes, this is my natural color!)

In the past few years, I go back to them for a spell, and I just always love them. To me, they are incredibly chic and they add such a great frame to the face to play with dramatic eye make-up. And a bold lip and a bang? You just can't beat it. Anytime I get them, it gets me so excited to just have fun and play; because that is what bangs require! For me, they are a nice and cozy comfort style, specifically in the Winter. They add a little something extra to any simple outfit in the Winter, which can get very repetitive and dreary. 
The final bonus reason? They will forever remind me of my Papa. When I was a Junior in high school, and walked in to visit him, he said that I reminded him of Veronica. That's right, Veronica Lodge, and for me that was one of the highest compliments I could have received!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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