What I Wore | Colors of the Wind

Alright. I know I have talked about my love for this deep shade of brown and Teddy coats before. But I mean, can you blame me? This color is just incredibly rich and cozy, plus looks amazing paired with just about anything. Forget the old rule of black and brown not being able to be worn together, because they look made for each other. If they're found in nature, why shouldn't they found in an outfit together? 
But this vibrant color combination? It blows the natural one out of the water. For starters, this shade of blue has always been an absolute favorite. It's bright and vibrant and it's impossible to be unhappy when you look at it. Or maybe that's just me... 

Another plus to this color combination? All I can think of is Pocahontas. 

And who doesn't want to feel like a Disney character in their day to day life? I mean, there is no negative that can come from that. They both are so rich and bold while also bringing tons of comfort, which is exactly what you need from a color combination this time of year. Winter months I always dread because everything is gray and depressing. But perhaps I have found the solution to that! 

Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear | Scarf: Steve Madden |
Jacket: Forever 21 | Bag: Coach |
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity |
Boots: Vans

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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