What I Wore | Mrs. Weasley's Jumper

I mean, if Mrs. Weasley made you your own Christmas jumper, wouldn't you be thrilled? 
Harry Potter is a series that will forever be incredibly cozy and homey to me. Whether it's the book series or the movies, they will always make me think of being curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea. And that very easily could be because it was a part of ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas for years and years. Are they really Holiday themed? Nope, not really. But the Christmas scenes that happen in the first few movies truly are great. That first Christmas that Harry has at Hogwarts spent with Ron is pure joy and excitement. 
Being an avid reader of the series and lover of the movies, I've always wanted my own sweater. I mean, I'm a big fan of sweaters in general.. But one that is made specifically for you, with your letter on it and in your own color? You can't beat that. Then when I discovered that they actually exist? Absolutely thrilled. This one is a cozy sweatshirt I got from Amazon, in R and H set, too! Of course I had to share with my sister. She's a natural red head and the Ron maroon couldn't be more fitting for her, while I'm naturally the brunette, the Harry blue is a perfect fit.  

Scarf: Steve Madden |
Sweater: Amazon |
Bracelet: Civion, use code Leah25 for 25% off |
Pants: Time and Tru via Walmart |
Socks: Bath and Body Works |
Wand: Ollivander's at Universal Studios, similar |
George Weasley Funko Pop: Amazon

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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