Chatty Yearly Favorites | 2018

This year has been filled with all kinds of new discoveries and treasures. This year has been filled with everyday fashion favorites, great beauty finds, fantastic scents and excellent entertainment.
This year has brought quite a few additions into my life, some being luxury, others being incredibly inexpensive. To me, it doesn't matter. If I fall in love with something, I fall in love with it. 
My top two favorite accessories this year have been shoes and sunnies. My custom made Converse have been in a constant rotation, no matter the season. My flatforms a la Stella McCartney have been my go-to for a little height. They are way more comfortable than traditional heels. Then for warmer months brought my total throwback of a shoe, the checkerboard Vans; comfortable and goes with just about anything. For the cooler months, my leopard chelsea boots and my Vans sneaker boots are the only things that have been on my feet. 
For sunnies, I've had quite a few in constant rotation; all depending on my mood, of course. My favorites are: my black Blenders, my Franco Sarto pair ($3 find!), rose gold aviators by Unicorn Eyewear, and my teal Dollar Tree pair
Denim I have fallen back in love with as a whole, and lots of fun experimenting with. Specifically Levi's as a brand. Another old but new again favorite are my black Citizens of Humanity skinnies. If you ever get the chance to feel the fabric of a pair, do it. They're the softest denim material you'll ever find. 
Favorite tops this year are my Coach bomber jacket, Saturday by Megan Ellaby sweater, Pendleton blazer, and Teddy Bear coat from Forever 21. The cost per wear for each of these items have made whatever the original cost was so incredibly worth it. They are the key pieces that I have restyled over and over, and will continue to in the upcoming year.
My go-to bags this year? Funny enough they are two different green Coach bags. One being a bigger olive green tote from the Snow White collection. It was a very exciting birthday present to myself, and I'm so glad that I saved up for it! It's the perfect bag for road trips or tossing everything in. The other, is a mini backpack that also has a converting cross body strap. It was the perfect Summer bag, as well as the perfect theme park bag; and excellent for airports! Both of these were the easiest bags to use this year! So glad they're in my collection. 
Typically as far as beauty products go, I don't typically experiment with new ones once I have found my favorites. However, this year, I went back to my beauty-loving roots and started playing with beauty items again. And let me tell you, it's been a blast! 2018 has been a major year for matte liquid lipsticks! Starting it off, my first love was Buffy by ColourPop. The perfect deep 90s brown (speaking of I need to repurchase), I was wearing this everyday in Spring and early Summer. Posh Spice by Jeffree Star Cosmetics became my go-to Summer light nude lip. My Fall/Winter lip go-to's are without a doubt are Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink, in any shade. With the low price point, you can't lose. My other non-stop go-to's? My Double Entendre ColourPop eye shadow palette (Extra Curricular was my favorite), it cosmetics concealer, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade and Aurora Glow palette (both are on my face every day, without fail). And for hair care? Paul Mitchell's Invisible Wear Undone Texture Spray. Just enough hold, while still being able to manipulate it.
Another new category I really experiment with that I never did before was perfume. Typically, I pick one (or two) and that is always what I wear nonstop. However, this year I discovered all kinds of new scents and had a blast playing with them! My favorites of the year were L'Eau by Jimmy Choo and Black Opium by YSL. 
Netflix definitely has had some killer options as far as shows go. My favorite binge-worthy shows are: Gilmore Girls, Schitt's Creek, Series of Unfortunate Events and Riverdale, and American Playboy via Amazon. Thsi year has also produced two of the most excellent movies that I could watch over and over, Ocean's 8 and Bohemian Rhapsody. Not only are they great, but they are full of fashion inspiration! 
As far as reading goes, I discovered a new favorite book series, Dead Drive. Quite possibly the quickest I've gone through three books in a long time. Not only do you burst out laughing at each page turn, you just have to know how it ends. Currently waiting for the final installment to be released! Purchase them here
With a new year just around the bend, I'm excited to see what new fashion items (and others) will come my way. All of the new styles and looks to experiment with. Here's to the new year, a whole new year filled with possibility and potential!

Thanks for reading this chatty post!
Leah xx


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