Top 5 Holy Grail | January 2019

Winter is officially in full swing. Granted, you could say it has been for a little bit, but then we would have some odd warm and sunny days and there would be no snow. Currently we are in the midst of a snow storm, and I'm curled up inside with a pup on either side of me and my husband napping inches from me. Nowhere else I would rather be. 
And seeing as we are officially in the midst of Winter, and layering is key, it only seemed right to feature my five absolute Holy Grail items that I have been bundling up with the past month or so. Typically this time of year is when I get into a slump and have zero creative ideas when it comes to styling. And while that very well could happen by March, currently I'm not having that trouble. I have been reaching for these same 5 pieces and been styling them in every way I can possibly think of. For work, styling them up in fun ways and casually. They cover all the bases! Total staples. 
The Teddy Coat. 
Yep. We're talking about this one. Again. I know. I just cannot help it. There has been very few days for the past few months where I haven't worn this. It's an excellent color, for starters, but it's so lightweight and easy to move in (which let's be real, most Winter coats aren't that way) while also being SO cozy and warm. I like that it is on trend with the material, however the cut is a little bit different being a Moto style, and I just love that. Fits in perfectly with my style and aesthetic, plus chunky knits fit underneath!  

The Turtleneck. 
This one is probably the biggest surprise to me on this list. My Mom is a big supporter of the turtleneck, and will wear them until it is unbearably hot. However, she rocks 'em. I have a few chunky knits that have a loose turtleneck style that I enjoy, but an actual turtleneck? Haven't worn one in years. That is until my favorite UK bloggers started layering them under different sweaters and short sleeve graphic tees. My mind was blown at all the new possibilities my wardrobe could have. And just by adding one black cotton turtleneck? Yes, please!

The Jeans. 
2018 was the year of denim for me, especially Levi's. And while I still love the styles I got last year, I wanted to get something a little different. In the Summertime, I love my high-waisted denim shorts.. but in the Winter? You don't always want to wear tights with said shorts. It's a great look, but not what I was in the mood for. These jeans weren't exactly what I was picturing when I went into Levi's, however I am so glad I went with them! The wash is very classic, not too heavy of a fabric (also not too light), the perfect height of a high-waisted jean and are a straight fit. The length for me is the most ideal I've ever found. And let me tell you, that never happens. Plus, I can roll them up ever so slightly and not have chilly ankles. I haven't worn any other jeans since these bad boys have come into my life.  

The Boots. 
Another item we need to talk about are these boots. These are probably my best purchase I've made in years. Which is really saying something. I have had these for a few months now, and I just love them more and more each day. And it is each day, because I wear them just about everyday. Plus, they're so incredibly perfect now that we are officially in Winter. My feet are always so warm, which is something new for me. Highly recommend!   

The Moto Leggings.
Alright. Has everyone seen Motley Crue's music video for Wild Side? If not, please watch it. Kneel down you sinners, to streetwise religion... It's an absolute gem. The fashion that's in that video is just everything. Specifically the leather pants. I have been on the hunt for a pair of faux leather leggings, specifically the Moto for ages. I wanted a good pair that would last, while not spending a fortune. Not an easy task! I have found them! These are the Moto leggings from Spanx, and if I'm not wearing my awesome new jeans, this is what I have on my legs. They are fantastic! I fell right in love the first time I put them on, and have since ordered an olive green pair in their sale. Definitely worth the investment! Plus, I feel like Nikki Sixx in them. Living the dream.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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