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Alright. Am I the only one that is loving the 90's revival in fashion and style? The two main trends being brought back are the ladylike pastels and the bright neons. Truly the perfect time seeing as Spring is right around the corner. I mean hopefully, right?
I'm slowly starting to add some pieces into my wardrobe that fit into those categories; as well as take some pieces back out that I have stored. One of my most recent and favorite purchases is from Tiger Fox Boutique. It has a little bit of everything! It's a crop top, the cheerful neon green shade and hilarious phrase in Gothic lettering. It is made of the best possible combination of cotton, polyester and spandex. So snuggly and soft! 
This top has all the aspects that makes an excellent addition to my wardrobe. Whenever I'm looking to add new items into my life, clothing items or accessories, I look for items to fall into two different categories. Classic forever keep pieces and fun trend driven ones. 

Tiger Fox Boutique has beautiful trend driven pieces of great quality. They have got a little something for everyone. Fun crop tops, sassy dresses, flirty bathing suits, sweet jewelry and athleisure pants; and so much more!
The delicate Ball Star Necklace is great on its own and is absolutely perfect for layering. It's great for every day and perfect for dressing up! Plus, there's such a great selection of other awesome delicate necklace options. 
My current wish list from them is this beautiful leopard print dress. I so badly want to style this with my Adidas sneakers and my blush crossbody bag in the Spring time, ooh and my leather jacket and my black beanie for an early Fall day. And then this bag! I'm madly in love with this style, the color and the transparency trend. It's definitely modeled after this Hermes bag, and I'm all over it! 
When you place your order, I would plan on at least a month to receive the order in. And be sure to use the code MagicMirror to save 15% off your order!! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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