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Prior to our whirlwind weekend, I knew there were a couple items I wanted to splurge on. Disney, specifically Disney Springs is where I like to do that. I prefer doing my research on items beforehand and save up for them; then take the plunge when I'm in person. If they're worthy of course. One of the stores I was most excited to go into was Coach, the main reason being the latest Disney and Coach collaboration just launched! The interesting thing about this launch which is different than the others is that it focuses on multiple characters versus just the one. I suppose the Snow White collection did this a tad with a nod to the dwarfs.. But this is way more. The main movie focuses are Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi, Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. 
As you know from my recent post about nostalgia, I am all about adding pieces into my wardrobe that have a significant amount of meaning. The latest addition to my collection is certainly no different. Growing up, my Mom always referenced Thumper's rule. Many people know it, If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all, howeverthey may not associate Thumper with it. For us, they went hand in hand and still do. 
Once the line got announced on their website, I was checking and refreshing multiple times a day to see what new items had been added. As soon as I saw this, it immediately sparked joy and brought me right back to my Mom saying that. The price tag is definitely up there, there's no way around it. And if it didn't have a sentimental connection, I wouldn't have brought it home. But, it did... So, I did. I also like to get items on trips that I can look back on and remember the fun time that went along with it. This bag checks TWO of those boxes for me, a no-brainer.  

If this bag is a little steep for your budget, then definitely check out this sweet Thumper keychain (currently it's sold out, hopefully it's back soon!) or add this leather sticker to an item you already love!
Other items I've been lusting after in this collection? This beauty that is a Dumbo sweater. This shade of tobacco brown is one of my favorites lately (as you can see with my much loved jacket in these pictures). With the pop of blue? So fun. 
I saw this jacket in person, and my God it's a beauty. The front part is okay. Controversial Disney statement coming your way, brace yourselves. I'm not overly into Tinkerbell, however the back is what sells it. The embroidery detail is absolutely stunning. I saw it in person and was just amazed at the piece of art it is. And, it's reversible!! I have one of their reversible bomber jackets, and it's one of my wardrobe staples. 
The final item I absolutely love, and wish there was more than just the one item in this collection. The piece de resistance, if you will. The Aristocats over-sized hoodie. This is a such an underrated movie, Marie gets all the recognition when we all know the best kitten is Berlioz. And he's actually on it!!! Incredibly exciting, I've been waiting ages for this to happen. And Coach has recognized his greatness, no surprises there.
Cannot wait to see what else comes from their future collections! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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