Spend Big. Save Bigger.

With a new season comes a closet rejig. And quite frankly, I love it. I love going through my storage to get out my favorites for the upcoming months from past years. It's like beloved friends reconnecting. As one season exits, I do an overview to see what items served me well and which ones may have served me well at once time, and deserve to be loved in a new home. Then that leads to a few new items to be welcomed into the family. It all comes full circle. 
As time has gone on, I have learned a lot more about what styles, prints and colors work for me an which ones don't. Of course, there are a handful of regrets, but who's perfect? My aim is that the foolish purchases are getting replaced by the love-affair items that become a classic. 
When it comes to my wardrobe I am in a constant pro/con debate. I think it's the inner Gemini in me because I have two sides. I love the idea of a strict capsule wardrobe of items that I love and truly bring me joy. The only downside to that? Well, all of the items I have in my surprisingly small wardrobe is that I do love everything; and they all do spark joy.

And while it may be shockingly small, it is still much more than your classic capsule wardrobe.
Seeing as that is the goal, granted a beefed up capsule wardrobe, it's the goal nonetheless. And since that is the case, I have been trying to be more aware of what is being added. I try very hard to not be distracted by fantastic clearance prices of items I wouldn't have bought full price. Which actually brings us to where today's post originated from.
I popped in to my local TJMaxx on my day off just to see if they might have the chunky Steve Madden sneakers on my current wish list. I saw a really cool older woman wearing them in Disneyland and decided I want to be a lot like her when I grow up. Anyway. The sneakers mission was a bust seeing as they weren't there. Or anything similar. However, I did stumble upon something else.
A pair of Fendi blue and green metal cat eye sunglasses. On clearance. Crazy, right? I had them in hand walking around the store, trying them on and taking pictures to best visualize styling them. And naturally, looking up their regular retail price. Seeing what the regular price is of a high-end item that you just stumbled upon is thrilling. And that thrill can also cloud your judgement. Well, so can a $59 price tag on a pair of FREAKING Fendi glasses! I unfortunately took too long to ponder and had to get off to an appointment which gave me some time to ponder. 

The fact I didn't run to the checkout with my newfound love says a lot. If I had been truly head over heels I wouldn't have put them down. Just like my Nala. Funny enough, also a TJMaxx find. Once a maxxinista always a maxxinista... Anyway! That was clue number one. Clue number two was that I had seen these glasses before with the hefty price tag. Had I truly been in love, I would have splurged on the spot or saved and hoped they would wait for me. For any item, mainly big ticket items, ask yourself if you would be purchasing it full price. If the answer is no, why are you buying it on sale? Lastly, but by no means least, I did just say the day before that I personally don't see the point in splurging on sunglasses. They can be so easily dropped, scratched or lost. Plus, I'm so happy and content with my other finds, (specifically my latest Amazon finds). 

Enter my shopping versus saving philosophy. Spend big. Save bigger. I'm very... frugal thanks to my parents, especially my Dad. So when it comes to most things I like to hunt for the best deal I can get. However, I'm also not afraid splurge on thsoe big items I have saved up for. It is important to find that balance and keep it. I suppose that's being a Gemini raised by a Libra for you!
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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