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As you may have been able to tell from the past few posts, we went to Disney! That's right, again. It is definitely something that you should either a) be used to by now or b) starting to realize it's going to be a trend on here. This trip was a wee bit different in comparison to the past three adventures we have done. This one was a whirlwind of a weekend, and let me tell you, it was fantasmic. Ahem, fantastic. 
This time of year is really not enjoyable for me, which I'm sure many others out there relate to. Winter is absolutely brutal and it gets to a certain point where I am completely ready for Spring. For me that tends to be the end of February and beginning of March. It turns out a weekend in Disney happens to be the remedy, who knew!

We flew down to Orlando on Saturday morning, bright and early! Actually, not really that bright, we were awake WELL before the sun was up... but, you catch my drift! After navigating the maze that is Orlando Airport and its escalators and signs, we were on our magic carpet ride, aka the Magical Express bus. If you haven't ever been to Disney, or ever stayed on property while going to Disney, we highly recommend it. You say bon voyage to your luggage wherever you're flying out of and then Ta-Da! It arrives in your room later that day! No dragging it through the airport, or at the hotel. Brilliant, right? 
Anyway! We were on our way to start our magical stay at Pop Century, typically check-in starts at 3pm, however you can sometimes get lucky and check-in before! The past two trips to Disney World we lucked out and received a text message that our room was ready just after stepping off the bus. How great is Disney? Naturally we start walking through the lobby with our heads turned in every direction except straight ahead. It is nostalgia overload, and it's fabulous.
(If you ever watched The Lawrence Welk Show, you're welcome. "Bobby and-a Cissy")

For this trip we were in the 1970's section, however we got to walk through the 1960's first. And it's really just incredible. The attention of detail that they pay is amazing, and you keep finding all of these hidden (and not so hidden) gems each time you walk by.  
(Does anyone remember what movie had this phone? 
I cannot remember, and it has been driving me crazy for years)

(Twister on cement... I think I'm going to pass)
The 1970's is a decade that is slowly starting to grow on me. For years I have been (and still am) a 1980's fan, of course the 1950's, and a little dash of the early 1960's. So when our text message said we were in the 70's I was a little surprised. However, we were pleasantly surprised! The Mickey phone in front of our hotel was a landmark I was most excited to see at the resort, and the green ombre building was awesome. But the rooms? I fell right in love. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but most certainly not what we walked into. 

I unfortunately didn't take nearly enough pictures as I should have, so sorry about that! Darn excitement. Everything was very modern, while still being cozy. A very mild version of the Brady Bunch's house. And that pop art light piece of Mickey above the bed? I was in heaven. Plus, a coffee maker in the room! Double heaven. This was our first Disney hotel experience that wasn't overly Disney. Touches, for sure. Just not BAM, in your face. Pop Century is right across a lake from Art of Animation, which I think is really smart They're a bit of yin and yang. Art of Animation (which houses The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars and of course The Little Mermaid) is fantastic for kids and those who still think of themselves as kids, while Pop Century (1950's-1990's) is great for the kid at heart to reminisce of their childhood. Plus, you can walk from one to the other to appreciate what the other has. 
When you walk into the lobby of either, they mimic the other completely. Which came in handy because we knew right where everything was! The food court is extremely comparable to what you find at other Disney resorts. For breakfast, Mickey waffles (my favorite), eggs, pancakes, and yep, even pizza. The shop for this hotel however was quite a bit smaller than the other on property hotels we have stayed at, not quite sure why that was. But, they do sell quite a large range of alcohol in the shop area. Seeing as I don't drink, that doesn't exactly sway me, however for some of you it might! We highly recommend both of those hotels, it just depends on what type of experience you would prefer.  

During our stay, we went to Epcot, Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom and the shuttle drives were incredibly quick! Sometimes that is something you forget about when you are planning your trip and you get excited about your hotel. Okay, that is definitely me, Erik always has that in his head and is never surprised. The drive to Epcot took about 10 minutes while the drive to Magic Kingdom took about 20 minutes. Disney Springs, though? That was remarkably quick! And at the end of our first day, clocking in at 20 hours, the quick drive back from Disney Springs to our hotel was greatly appreciated.  And the drive to the airport comes in at half an hour! Much quicker than some, and when you are so excited and ready to hit the ground running at the parks, half an hour is the right amount of time to plan what you're going to do first!
Fun little Walt Disney World hotel fact for you! Or the three we have stayed at so far, the lobbies all smell the same. It's mango with a hint of citrus. If you're ever missing that familiar happy scent, check out the mango range from The Body Shop! Since we have been back I have been using their body mist (currently 30% off) as a pillow mist at night, and it's a happy way to fall asleep.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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