April | Pupdate

Alrighty-roo! As of Sunday, Hank has been home with us for two weeks and he is fourteen weeks old! Hank is such a sweet and mellow little boy. He loves mealtime, he loves to rough house with his big sister, loves to follow his big brother around and loves to use his voice! He adores going on adventures with his Daddy and to kiss his Mama. 

For his three month visit to the vets (AKA day number two being home), he was 18.6 pounds and did great! He was a trooper with shots and absolutely loved the spray cheese. The drive there? Well, it was interesting to say the least! There was an awful lot of crying, but that is not even the interesting part. Somehow Hanky managed to get out of his harness and leash. Both were still buckled to the seat belt and little Houdini decided to climb over the center console, and behind me while driving. What a surprise!

Bed time. That has been a struggle. Week one at least. Hanky-boy is great for a few hours and then the witching hour begins. He becomes a different boy, a gremlin. A crying, energetic ball of fluff. And that excitement lasted for a week. Until our brilliant Veterinarian suggested the miracle cure. The Adaptil collar. Whoever created this is a bloody genius. It has made a world of difference for Hank. Instead of sleeping for four or five hours scattered throughout a night with the remainder spent in a crate crying. Now? We're getting seven of hours a sleep! The more active your pup is during the day, the more a pheromone is released to relax them. Whether they are anxious or hyperactive only at bedtime, I highly recommend!

 It is so incredibly difficult to remember what life was like prior to two weeks ago. Hank is the perfect fit for our little family. That is all for the wolf pupdate! I will be sure to keep you posted! Til next time.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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