Fashion Isn't Always Pretty

Two words that don't necessarily go together are: fashion and pretty. To the average person, they do. For me, that isn't the case. Sure, there are time where they may go hand in hand area as thick as thieves. But most certainly not always.
Models, design houses, high fashion magazine spreads, influencers and fashion loving celebrities alike typically are not your conventional view of the word 'pretty'. I find the models that are the unconventional beauties are far more interesting than the other stunning bombshells out there. And then there are the artistically created spreads in magazines. It is truly remarkable what one mind, or a group of creative minds can dream up. It is this amazing escape that doesn't quite seem real, while also being almost attainable. Viktor and Rolf's Couture Spring/Summer 2019 runway show was just brilliant, and I highly recommend watching the show. Definitely one that will be remembered for many years to come!

Then there are those you see that are trying a different approach with their style that makes you think "My God, what is that?". Those are the ones that fascinate me and push myself to think even more creatively and push the boundaries. Man RepellerAdvanced Style, Lady Gaga, Ellen Fanning, and Sita Abellan; to name a few. What they wear and present to the world makes you think and ponder. Like this incredible masterpiece has appeared before your eyes and you must step back to fully grasp the whole picture. The looks that they wear evoke a feeling or an emotion, positive or negative. And after you may see the beauty or perhaps you won't. But you may have more respect for something different. 
This has been a topic that has bouncing around in my head. I notice that when I receive comments about a change in my hair color or make-up that are more flattering than something previous, I tend to get my back up. I completely understand the sentiment and the compliment, truly. However, I also see it as a loss. I wasn't able to do that style justice enough to change the view on it. You cannot please everyone and it's silly to try. But that's my thing. To take something most find unattractive and bring out the shine for others to see and appreciate. 

Take these Mom jeans from American Eagle. To me, they are the type of jean I have been on the hunt for 6 months, at least. They are the wash I hoped for and the distressing detail? Well that was just an added bonus! Major Kelly Kapowski a la The College Years. They reminded me of my childhood and that just makes me happy every time I put them on. On Mother's Day, my Mom said I could have raided her wardrobe a few years back prior to doing a closet clean out for her and taken a pair. And then the distressing? "Well, they're just plain ugly!" My retort? That's the style and they don't have to be pretty.
I will continue to style these boys in all sorts of ways to get the best mileage out of them. Especially since they were a well thought out purchase to have in my Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobe. I will continue to prove to all the fashion non-believers of the world that items can be amazing, even if they aren't attractive, flattering or pretty. Fashion and style does not have to be pretty to be perfect.


Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx

Miss Daisy, my lighting director


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