What I Wore | Happy Birthday, Teddy

It is incredibly hard (almost impossible, even) to believe ten years ago I was awaiting with excitement for my sixteenth birthday present to be born. My love, my soul mate, my bub, my baby boy, my Teddy. How I got so lucky, I truly don't know. Lucky that my parents got me the most amazing gift, but so lucky to get him. It's almost like he was made perfectly for me. I know that sounds a little hokey, however, it's true. It's like Zeus creating Pegasus for Hercules. I'm not talking regular Greek mythology, I'm talking Disney. Naturally. "A little cirrus and, uh... hmm. A touch of nimbostratus... and a dash of cumulus." Happy tenth birthday my sweet little Prince.

Hat: Poison |
Hoodie: Rue 21 |
Pants: Old Navy |
Sneakers: Vans |

Collar and Leash: ShopDisney |
Harness: TJMaxx |

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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