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Today's chat is one that popped into my head and not really planned. Not for a long time at least. And it is something that I would deem pretty major. For the past seven years, I have been living on a narcotic pain patch to help with the intense level of back pain from after my surgery. Read about the surgery here. It is something that I have not wanted to be on, but definitely felt like there wasn't much of another option.
Let me tell you, that is an awful feeling to have in your early twenties. To be dependent, essentially addicted, just with a doctor's okay. Up until a year and a half ago, I thought this was it. And on top of that, had no clue how Erik and I were safely going to start a family. If I had gotten pregnant in the almost three years of our marriage, our sweet and innocent baby would have been addicted. I was told that since I was now on the lowest dose, that it would make things easier and how common it was for babies to be born addicted and weaned off. Like it was no big deal. 

It IS a big deal. Approaching the seven year mark I read an article that this medication I have lived and depended on is the number one most dangerous drug in the country. Number 1. If that isn't scary, I don't know what is. To be fair, I was closely monitored with regular drug tests and signed agreements to prove I wasn't taking more than I needed or distributing. Yep, that is real life, This medication is lethal when mixed with heroin resulting in overdoses and or death. For a chunk of time this was an incredibly normal occurrence in local news. 
Over the past year and a half I have done a lot of work on improving my health. I started going to an absolutely amazing chiropractor who figured out some puzzles that no one else ever could. We were able to lower my pain level some with regular visits, then even more with dry needling. If you have never had dry needling and suffer with chronic pain, I highly recommend it. 

Next came Integrative Manual Therapy. The best way that I can describe it is a form of energy work. And while this route isn't everyone's cup of tea, which I completely respect, it has helped me incredibly. Once you have done the standard medical route and it isn't helping anymore or they just throw there hands up and give up, the alternative options are amazing. 
We started our first appointment discussing my end goals and what I was eating. Once we went over all of that, the Keto diet was suggested to me. It made complete and total sense. Carbs turn into sugars, sugars turn into inflammation and inflammation is creating pain in my targeted areas. For the past two months I have on Keto and have noticed quite the change. It has definitely taken some time to adjust, overall, I feel so much better. Of course I still have some days where I am a little sore or stiff, but all in all, I am doing pretty dandy. 

I am happy to announce that just in time for my twenty-sixth birthday, I am free. I am no longer living on a narcotic patch wishing I wasn't. I am no longer in extreme levels of chronic pain. I am no longer addicted. And for the first time in twenty-one years, I am on nothing. I am free. 

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