Chatty Update and 2019 Review (So Far)

Hello there! It has been a hot minute since I have done a life update. A hot minute, what a phrase. Alright, not getting sidetracked. The last time I did a chatty update was back in the beginning of May. Whoa. Time flies when you're having fun, and it's summertime. 2019 has been filled with pockets of happiness, growth and opportunities. 

I am happy to say that I am doing absolutely great health wise. That is something I truly didn't know that I would ever say or experience. I talked about the start of the journey in this post, in case you didn't read it. I am still completely off of medications, have gotten cleared to do yearly check-ups with specialists and still on the keto train. And yeah, yearly check-ups is a HUGE deal. Everything body wise is feeling great, my stomach and back being top of that list. Who knew this was even possible?
In the lifespan of the blog, specifically in the last year, saying my style has changed is an understatement. Which honestly, is really cool to see. That's what is fun about fashion, everyday is like playing dress-up. It just depends on what you're feeling like that day. Once upon a time, I would have never worn sweatshirts outside of being frozen or to bed. And sneakers? Fairly certain at one point I only had one pair of Chucks and probably close to a hundred other pairs of shoes... Yep. Really not kidding. But recently, I was reminded of items in my wardrobe that not only do I love, but I feel most myself in them. I feel confident. I feel sexy. And I feel happy. Which of course lead to a little rejig in my Summer capsule wardrobe. The classics are of course still in there. Blazers, patterned pants, my trusty Levi's jean jacket and band tees. But it also includes my bright and vibrant dresses that remind me of Audrey in Paris When it Sizzles.  

Stranger Things. If you haven't watched the latest season, my goodness. What are you doing with your life? Being a productive member of society? Lame.  
It's incredible when you start to see things unfold, you know? When you put positivity and  hard work out, it's amazing to see what returns. Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of exciting moments. One specifically features my favorite new t-shirt. I got this gem off of Tee Public. And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Not only do I now have it in my wardrobe, Nikki Sixx, the legend himself liked it on my Instagram. Twice. That's right, twice. Mind-blowing. 

If that wasn't already amazing enough, I was asked for permission to use my picture from Overtone Color. Naturally, I said yes. I have been using Overtone to keep my fashion hair colors as bold and vibrant as when they're first done for 3 years. To be asked to use my picture and also be featured? Completely amazing. 

In the months ahead, we have some fun adventures planned. Which of course means lots of fun content is coming your way! So get ready. 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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