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Once upon a time, I worked at a high-end denim boutique on the weekends. It was an absolutely incredible experience, and I learned a ton. Like, did you know denim could feel like butter? No joke. It's possible of feeling that soft right from the get-go, and after you wash them a million of times. It's pretty impressive. While there, I learned the proper way to fold denim, the best way to care for them, developed a keen eye to spot a pair of Hudson's or Red Engine's, and of course got an excellent discount on top of it. From that, I found my most versatile pair of jeans. The Avedon Skinny from Citizens of Humanity. 
A pair of black skinny jeans. Nothing groundbreaking. They are a classic and a staple for a reason. I don't think there is anything that you cannot wear with them, you can wear them super casually or they can be dressed up easily; especially since they don't really look like your traditional black jeans. While this pair of jeans isn't a pair that I have shared with friends with letters detailing their exciting adventures, they have shared different adventures, styles and weight. 
Side note, was I the only one that thought it was really strange that those girls NEVER washed the jeans? I get they thought it would ruin the magic of them, and didn't want to get rid of the embellishments they added. But, so gross. 
Like any other person out there, my weight has fluctuated over time. Starting with my senior year of high school, and then especially when I started college. Extremely common and I for sure was no different. Clothing wise, I'm fortunate it's never been overly drastic. I've ranged from a size 2 to an 6 in my adulthood years, and these jeans have fit in every single phase. They are the one pair that I can count on and know that they are not only comfortable, look great, and always fit. For a pair of jeans that's major. Especially if they are freshly washed and dried, more often that not they fit great at first and the more you move around, the looser they get and then they're baggy. Sometimes I need to wear a belt. And others I don't. I can tell if I need a belt right out of the gate, and other times I like it there for styling purposes. No more regret two hours later, we've all been there and it's incredibly annoying.
There are so many little details that we just "deal" with when it comes to items of clothing. And we just live with it while adjusting them throughout the day. The question is why? Whatever your perfect item is, whether that's a leather jacket, heels or jeans. They're out there and just waiting for you to find them. They do exist. Don't give up!  

Hat: Coach |
Blazer: Jones New York |
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, here and in blue |
Loafers: Franco Sarto via TJMaxx, similar |

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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