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It's almost October! I'm pretty jazzed about it. October and September are tied for being my favorite months, so let the good times roll and continue. Today I have a handful of items that I can't seem to stop wearing or talking about... I'm sure with all of my weekly outfit posts, none of them will come as a surprise to you. Buckle up, and let's get on with the show. (Anyone else re-watching The Dirt over and over? No, just me?...)

Aviators: similar
Big sunglasses. I have been a major sucker for them since the Summer I turned 11. A white oversized pair by Foster Grants that made me feel like Lindsay Lohan in the First music video. Major throwback, I know. There's just something about a big pair of sunglasses that I find empowering. Whether they have an 80s rocker vibe a la Mick Mars like the aviators or the big round pair that give me all the Jackie O vibes, I'm a sucker. They will forever be my go-to.

Blazer: Target
All about a good blazer. I don't know what it is.. But you pop one of those on, it doesn't matter what else is on underneath, you can take on the world. I will forever add to my blazer collection, and this year's addition has proven to be a fantastic purchase. With its neutral color and subtle pattern, it goes great with everything. Plus! It's the perfect weight. Not too heavy for warmer days, but also works great for those chilly mornings.

Headband: Walmart, similar
I know what you're thinking. I styled my hair the same way in all three looks with this headband. You know what? You aren't wrong. While I'm waiting for my hair to get longer prior to take the extensions out, I'm enjoying the ability to wear a bun like this. This headband has become a new favorite accessory to style up, hair up or down! A mega score from Walmart for under $6. You can't beat it. Unless you're MJ.
Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith by Joe Perry
I'm fairly certain everyone around me is sick of hearing about this book. But IT'S SO GOOD. Seriously. So good. I am extremely particular when it comes to autobiographies; even if they are about people I really enjoy. I typically find the beginning part to be extremely slow going and boring. I understand the importance of it being there... but do I really need to know that much about a person's childhood? Especially if the stories they are sharing have no relevance to later on in the book. Prior to this, there have only been two autobiographies I could not put down. Those being Nikki Sixx's (I heard the gasp you just made, total surprise) and Brad Goreski's. Two totally different tones, but equally well written and comical. I felt this connection with both. A pretty rare and remarkable feeling when you're reading. 
Anyway! Back to the delightful Joe Perry. I've always been an Aerosmith fan, and after seeing them play live? I was even more impressed with Joe Perry than I already was. But then I read this, and I love him and his book. For being a New Englander, it is awesome to read about areas you've been to or have lived in. It brings this level of comfort and understanding right out of the gate with the author, absolutely love the Dead Drive series for the same reason. The introductory parts in this completely set the scene for what is to come down the road, which I love. There's this purpose. His personality I completely connect with and relate to, especially when he talks about his path to music. He knew he was meant for more. Had this feeling and yearning and knowledge that something more was out there. And he went and did it. No questions, just went for it. He also knew that with his wife Billie, their whole love story is fantastic. I love that he has a Billie guitar and wouldn't make-out with any other model in the Love in an Elevator music video. How cute is that? 
Highly recommend. You will not regret it, I promise.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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